Continuing Education

Maintain Certifications While Attending the Conference

AFCEA’s Continuing Education (CE) program is specifically targeted to support the Department of Defense Cyberspace Workforce Qualification and Management Program.

Event sessions may also support ISC2, National Contract Management Association (NCMA), Project Management Institute (PMI), GAGAS, and Defense Acquisition Workforce continuing education and/or certification maintenance requirements. Please check AFCEA International and AFCEA chapter event websites for more information about specific sessions and courses. 

Formal attendance documentation for many AFCEA continuing education sessions is a benefit of AFCEA membership. Be sure to register as a member when you register for the event.  Participation in at least an hour of an approved session qualifying for CompTIA CEUs, GIAC CPEs, and/or CertNexus CECs is a requirement for attendance documentation.  

On exiting the session, get your badge scanned to document your attendance.  If badge scanning is not supported at the event, be sure to see onsite staff to verify your name is on the appropriate attendance list for the session. AFCEA members receive their documentation via email.

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The AFCEA Advantage

Official attendance documentation is a benefit for AFCEA members at many AFCEA International and chapter events. If we provide formal attendance documentation in support of an event you must attend the entire session qualifying for CompTIA CEUs, GIAC CPEs, and/or CertNexus CECs to request attendance documentation.

On exiting the session, get your event badge scanned or attendance otherwise formally recorded so that we can document your attendance. We will normally email documentation of your attendance within four weeks following the event. Please be sure your email account will accept email from the domain

Note: All attendees, including non-AFCEA members, will be able to see a list of the sessions they attended and scanned for within their attendee portal.

Non-AFCEA members may also qualify for CEUs, however it is up to those attendees to contact their issuing organization to determine credits available for participating in the Conference. For more information, please refer to (FAQs #4 & #5).

2024 Continuing Education Sessions Schedule

Session Name Acquisition Topic GIAC CPEs CertNexus CompTIA
CFR CEET CDSP CAIP A+ DataSys+ Network+ Security+ Linux+ Cloud+
The Executive Order on AI & Opportunities Ahead for Contracting Yes
The Critical Role of 5G and Wi-Fi on U.S. Military Bases No
Securing JWICS (Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communication System) ( @ the Edge Without a SCIF ( sensitive compartmented information facility Buildout) No
The Two-Sided Coin of a CISO's ’(Chief Information Security Officer) Greatest Fears Regarding Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities & Threats No
Data Centricity: A New Model to Protect Sensitive Data From Adversaries No
Where to begin with Generative AI? Understand the options and learn about Real Augmented Generation (RAG) No
Navigating the Data Maze: Fortifying Operational Resiliency through DataOps, Analytics Platforms, and Edge Computing No
CMMC: Unraveled Yes
Mobile Operations on the Battlefield No
Implementation-Friendly Approximation Algorithm for the “Meet-in-the-Middle” Facility Location Problem No
Building Data Resilience in Zero Trust Architecture & AI No



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For details specific to the 2024 AFCEA Mid-America Cyberspace Conference, please contact:


June 5-6, 2024

Regency Conference Center
O'Fallon, IL